Introduction: Beach-Body Bootcamp!

Welcome to Beach-Body Bootcamp!

Even if you’re not planning on wearing a bathing suit any time soon, you can experience this awesome 31-day fitness program! Simply check my blog and Facebook page every day for focused workouts, quick motivational reminders and simple nutritional tips to keep your diet on track.  This program will keep you moving, focused and will take the guesswork out of your fitness plan!

Because this is not personal training, the program I have devised is of a “general” nature – designed mostly for those wishing to burn body fat and create a lean, defined physique.  Each daily workout will have suggestions to make your session easier or more challenging based on your current fitness level. You may find yourself being able to handle more difficulty out of one workout and not in another – that is ok – consistency is the key and the goal is complete all of the workouts!

*Make sure to check with your physician before beginning any exercise program – as mentioned, this 7-day program can be modified but is designed for results so the level will always be intense and is truly meant for healthy individuals.

*Please read through this entire post so you understand how the program works and how you can benefit most from it.


First things first…check out my posts to help Set Yourself Up for Success in 2012 and Goal-Setting Strategies.  Reflect and organize your thoughts and objectives so you have a clear direction for your fitness program.


Before you begin…print this Overall Program to keep track of your workouts.  You can use the calendar as you see fit but probably best used to check off the workouts as you progress.
Beach-Body Bootcamp 2012

You’ll notice my group fitness classes are listed on the below Google calendar, if you are able to attend my classes that is always advisable.  However, I am fully aware that is not possible for everyone, therefore you should check off the daily workouts that I post as substitution. To clarify, if you come to my class(es) then I would not expect you to do the workouts I post – it is an either/or situation.

If you wish to look ahead to the daily workouts, click on the workout names to get the link to each workout (note: these are past links and the actual daily postings may differ slightly and will offer more information, modifications & bonus moves!)  This calendar allows for you to plan ahead and make substitutions as necessary (it is always ok to switch around days – again the goal is to complete all of the workouts – the order isn’t crucial!)

In other words – NO EXCUSES! 🙂


Review my posting on Workout Intensity – it is crucial that you are working hard enough (and oppositely, not overdoing it!)  This program calls for daily workouts, if you are asking “Do I have to exercise 7 days a week?” The answer is NO – you technically don’t have to do anything…BUT if you want to make some changes, let’s go for it!  By reviewing my Workout Intensity post you will be able to learn how to work at your own level and accomplish more within each session.

Every workout you do should include an adequate warm-up and cool-down period – this will sometimes be listed in the daily posts but should be routine practice whether listed or not.  Here are the general guidelines for starting and finishing your fitness sessions safely:

  • Warm-Up: perform activity similar to what you will be doing within your workout at a lower intensity gradually increasing during a 3-10 minute period – the movements should utilize large muscle groups (walking, biking, etc.) and slowly increase your heart rate into a working zone – an after warm-up dynamic stretch is also suggested
  • Cool-Down: gradually decrease your workout intensity within a 3-10 minute period back to a resting state then follow with static stretching to improve flexibility

Remember – you can always make substitutions and I will give as many modifications as I can but it’s up to YOU to get moving!  If you cannot complete a full workout or miss a day, don’t become overwhelmed and certainly don’t give up!

Some exercise is better than no exercise and tomorrow is always a new day!


Each daily post will list an informational “nutritional tip.”  There is no menu plan for this program because dietary habits are so individual and unique – the focus of your nutrition should be long-term and on making good choices.  Implementing the daily strategies will help you to understand your personal eating habits and make you more aware of your food selections – this will help you to focus on a lifelong approach versus a short-term fix.

Check out my Metabolism Basics post which includes specific calorie counting information and calculator link.

Although no specific program is given, I highly recommend keeping a detailed nutritional log.  Print out this dietary tracking sheet and keep an account of everything you consume.  Just holding yourself accountable will improve your diet!
Daily Food Diary


Check back later today for the first daily workout and other information!  Remember, you can find your challenge details on my blog and Facebook page.  I love to get your feedback, questions and learn about your progress – post on my Facebook wall or leave a blog comment any time! GOOD LUCK!

*Obviously I post on my Fitness Blog for free and because I truly enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals – however…if you are thankful for my hard work and looking for a way to say “Thanks” – please pass along my Fitness Blog to your friends, family and co-workers! I am looking to broaden my audience and also gain more of a following of my Facebook page – any referrals are greatly appreciated.  I would also love to get your feedback, questions and learn about your progress – post on my Facebook wall or leave a blog comment any time! Thanks!


PROFESSIONAL REMINDER!  © 2012 Heather Hughes. All rights reserved. Any original material from this program may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. DO NOT REPLICATE WITHOUT PERMISSION!

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