Spring Break Workout – Get Movin’!

Here I have listed my Top 15 favorite exercises you can do while traveling.  No equipment necessary – you can do them all right in your hotel room. Put them all together for a great circuit!

Workout ideas…

  • Do each exercise for 30 seconds & repeat the circuit twice for a 15 minute blast
  • Perform cardio (run on the beach, visit the hotel gym & hit the elliptical, etc.) then do the circuit once through (45 seconds each exercise)
  • Try Tabata-style – do each exercise for 20 seconds then go all out on the same exercise for 10 seconds (repeat then move on to the next exercise) = 15 minutes

1. Jumping Jacks

2. Squats

3. Plie Squats

4. Squat Pop

5. Push-Ups

6. Plank

7. Dips

8. Crunches

9. Alternating Crunches

10. Lunge

11. Mountain Climbers

12. Side Plank

13. Bicycles

14. Bridge

15. Leg Lifts

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