Laura & Kayla take on Frasca!

Welcome back, foodies! Hope you enjoyed a festive yet well-rounded Cinco de Mayo. In case you missed it, some of our PSFer’s enjoying a “cinco sculpt” and some of the tips from our previous post….


Our game plan for our next stop: have a game plan! Rule número uno that we mistakenly didn’t follow on our first stop was having our order completely ready prior to popping in. Although we had a few tricks up our sleeves, we were slightly overwhelmed by all of the delicious looking menu options. When going in with your order all set, you’re more likely to stick to it and not be tempted by all the possible choices. To stay on our A-game, we carefully crafted a plan for tackling Frasca’s fine Italian fare:

  • Order a side item for our appetizer: Broccolini Lemon Chiles


  • Have a light soup to start: Roasted Vegetable and White Bean


  • Go for the meatless strategy with a plant-based protein to avoid the commonly consumed high-fat meats often paired with this rich cuisine.
  • Pick pizza over pasta for a “lighter” dose of carbs: Margherita with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil. Tomato sauce > cream sauce, it’s a no-brainer.
  • Have the to-go box ready and waiting.


As we ordered, we also made certain specs (yes, we’re that difficult table…). Soup sans croutons, light EVOO on the broccolini (EVOO?? Just as Rachael Ray), and extra plates and bowls for splitting. We also politely asked for a to-go box upon receiving our pizza. We assured Dan, our accommodating wait staff, that these picky modifications had nothing to do with the quality of the options or what we received.


Perks of this spot:

-Awesome outdoor seating

-Gluten-free options

-Great for kids! Ask for the noodles with chicken or meatballs to get a dose of protein for their growing muscles 🙂

-Awesome brunch options. Pizza for breakfast?? Heaven on earth might be real! Otherwise, try the Lincoln Ave Omelette for a great start to your day.

Word to the Wise: Avoid the “Old World Farmer’s Table” Meat and Cheese platters unless you’re just stopping by for a drink. Often, with large spreads like these, you over-consume and under-fill: high calorie samplings of meat, cheese, and crackers don’t leave you with a sense of fullness that a combination and balanced plate achieve.

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