Stretch it Out!

Busy? Tired? Sore from your workout?

Try these 5 stretches that anyone can do almost anywhere – even with a baby-on-the-go to keep up with!

Child’s Pose – knees apart, sit back on your heels, relax your forehead to the ground and extend your fingertips forward 

Downward Dog – feet apart, palms pressing into the ground, straighten arms and legs so tailbone lifts up to the sky and heels are slightly off the ground 

Pigeon Pose – starting on all 4s, bring knee/shin forward and tuck heel towards the opposite hip as you lengthen straight leg behind you trying to keep both flutes on the floor (lift up tall staying centered and try also folding forward) 

Lying Glute Stretch – cross your ankle onto your opposite knee, grab your bottom thigh and pull your knees into your chest 

Low Back Stretch -bring one knee into chest and keeping both shoulders on the ground, bring that knee to the opposite side of the room 

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