Workout Wednesday! Tricep Toner & Low Back Stretch

Looking for an upper body sculpt that adds in some flexibility training? This quick Tricep routine will add definition your arms when paired with some of your favorite HIIT cardio moves. Finish your session with a stretch series that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Tricep Dip Leg Extension – 15 with right leg kick & 15 with left leg kick  

Narrow Push-Ups – as many as you can do with good form until failure 


Dips with Leg Extended – 15 with right leg in the air & 15 with left leg in the air

Elbow Plank to Hand Plank – 10 with right hand first then 10 with left hand first

Dip Switch Kicks – 50 total 

Side-Lying Tricep Push-Up – 20 on each side 

Low Back Streches  – hold each for 20-60 seconds and add movement to further loosen


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