Healthy Family Eating Tips!

Be prepared! If you have healthy snacks on hand, and know you do have an alternative, you will be less likely to grab the Goldfish!

Make your own meals…or better yet, make healthy meals that you and your family will both enjoy. If you aren’t serving the little ones chicken tenders, you won’t feel the need to “sample” one right out of the oven.

Don’t feel like your kids always have to eat off the kids menu. Why not split a healthy entree between them or with you! They will feel ‘cool’ eating off the grown-up menu and with more options, you will surely find something healthy you both can enjoy.

When in doubt…grab some eggs! No need to get caught in a rut when there are countless ways to make them: hard boiled, scrambled, omelette, egg cups, yolk removed…the list goes on. Better yet, they’re one of the cheaper sources of complete protein and freeze and store well.

Remember you are an example! It’s a lot of pressure but hey, you’re a parent, and that’s your role. If you’re constantly grazing and snacking on whatever is closest and crunchy, don’t expect your kids to learn otherwise. It’s never too late to start forming your own positive eating habits and as a bonus, you’re making your entire healthier!


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