Indoors vs. Outdoors Cycle

It’s definitely Summer! …and along with warmer weather comes outdoor fun. It’s amazing to get outside and enjoy the city – it’s the best time of the year in Chicago! 

So why should you stick to your cycle class routine when you can just ride outside instead? Don’t get us wrong, it is great to train on your road bike! …but training on your bike is different than riding your bike. Both have a place and definite benefits, but leisurely riding your bike around the city unfortunately cannot take the place of  your cycle workout. PSF has trained you at an ultra-high level and now it’s up to you to continue that progress!

Outdoor riding is awesome, but many times what we think is an adequate substitute for a Power Cycle class, might honestly just not be enough. 

Here are 5 ways a cycle session amps up your workout more than a typical road ride (remember we aren’t talking about a serious training ride!)

  1. Music – It’s not only difficult to listen to music while riding a bike outdoors, it’s very dangerous! Let your cycle instructor’s curated playlist push you through your workout versus risking injury or worse….
  2. Power – Perhaps your road bike is equipped with a power meter but if you are more of a leisure-rider, you probably aren’t watching your watts output. Cycle sessions seemlessly  focus on your complete effort so every second of class is used to get you results. 
  3. Motivation – Your cycle instructor will encourage and push you through an awesome workout! Plus the comraderie and PSF community is socially motivating and will keep you going. No detours to grab an ice cream cone!
  4. Metrics – How many miles? How much energy are you burning? You can figure that out on a road bike but let us make it easy for you! Knowledge is power. 
  5. Efficiency – A 20-45 minute Power Cycle ride is one of the most efficient ways to get in an intense workout. The amount of sustained cardio and high-intensity intervals make for a ultra-quick, massively effective use of your time. 

The best approach to a workout routine is one that you’ll stick with AND that is motivating! If you love riding outdoors, in any capacity, then take advantage of the weather and do it! BUT also manipulate your schedule to get in your Power Cycle sessions because you know, more often than not, there is just no substitute!


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