One Month IS Enough!

You’ve seen the signs around the studio, posts on social media…perhaps have even been harassed by your favorite PSF Instructor…it’s TRIATHLON SEASON!

In one month from today some of us (PSF instructors and clients alike) will be participating in the Naperville Sprint Triathlon on August 7th. 

For me (Heather) it will be my 15th year doing a Naperville Triathlon! #Iamold Some years I did the all women’s version in June, but every Summer I was in a race. I greatly prefer the August coed version – mostly because of the shorter swim 😏 Naperville is where I grew up so a hometown triathlon was a fun thing to try back in 1997 – but let it be known, I have basically never trained for this race. My goal is to have fun, get in a workout I would otherwise never do and finish! Over the years the race has become easier and I have become faster and that is 100% PSF. How do I know? …because I don’t do anything else. 

This means you, PSF rockstar, are MORE than prepared to participate in the 2016 Naperville Triathlon with the PSF Triathlon Team! 🎉

If this peaks your interest AT ALL….even in the slightest…then you should 100% sign-up.  You won’t regret it!

  • The race is friendly. It’s sooooooo friendly.  Everyone there is nice & helpful! It’s 100% laid back and perfect for first-timers yet a totally legit triathlon – best of both worlds!
  • It’s a big race but definitely not too big. You definitely feel like you’re participating in an ‘event’ but it’s not overwhelming at all. 
  • The swim is short (shorter than most sprint triathlons), clean and you can actually touch the ground for a lot of it. It takes place in a quarry that was made into a gigantic ‘pool’ 30+ years ago. Although it looks like a small (miniature) lake, it’s chlorinated and has many graduated (shallow) areas. 
  • You don’t need a fancy bike. Yes, a few participants will be riding $10,000 bike but they are the vast minority. 99.99% of the participants will just ride what they have – old ten speed, road bike, a lot of mountain bikes…I’ve even seen some beach cruisers!
  • People walk. The goal is to run the 5K portion but if you had to walk you would definitely not be alone!

Most people that do this race are first-timers or participating for fun: they want a great workout and a little competitiveness but they aren’t going to run you over in the meantime. You’ll get a few serious triathletes in the mix but no matter what, everyone is supportive and wants you to be successful!

PSF goes above and beyond to help prepare you for the race – you’re in good hands and will be ready to go August 7th. 

So are you in? 

Learn more on how PSF can get you ready you for this race by emailing Caroline (


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