Triathlon Team Recap

Yesterday the PSF triathlon team raced in the Naperville Triathlon! It was a PERFECT day for a race – not too hot, not much wind and a ‘good enough’ balance of sun and shade under a few trees!

Our team consisted of veteran and rookie triathletes alike and everyone came prepared and in good spirits (even if it was 6am!)

After we checked in and set up our transition area, we headed over to the swim. After the national anthem, we got our caps and goggles on and waited for our turn to swim. It was a good 30 minutes or so before we got to the head of the line (every few seconds they let 4 athletes enter the water). We killed the time contemplating why we had signed up for this 😜

We all started around the same time and went our respective ways during the race. Every single PSF triathlete did such an amazing job! Many placing in the top 20 of their age group, a few in the top 10 and everyone definitely outperformed their expectations!

After a post-race meet up, some fuel and fun we headed home feeling accomplished! It was an inspiring day and we hope to see many more PSF rockstars on our team next Summer!


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