Amazing in April: COMMUNITY!

Walking into the studio and feeling a sense of community is one of the biggest motivators for sticking to a workout schedule! But how do you ‘join in’ at PSF when you are new or trying out a different time slot?

First of all, recognize that everyone is in the same boat. We all want to show up and have a good workout – but we also all want to feel comfortable.  Although not everyone is there to chit-chat, we all want to have as much fun as possible! Luckily PSF is a super down-to-earth community and everyone is ultra-friendly, supportive and motivated 🙂

So how do you immerse yourself into the PSF community? Here are some tips from some our most experienced sculptors:

  1. Join a conversation! “I used to stick to my spot and stare at the floor before class started. Then one day I was pretty close to a small group of ladies talking. I heard them nervously chatting about how hard class would be and knew I could instantly relate. I looked over and added my own “I know this one is going to be tough!” We all had a good laugh and I introduced myself even though I had seen these girls almost every days for months now.  I now realize striking up a quick conversation before class is easy and although some days I still stick to myself, I know that if I’m up for chatting, there is always another PSFer there for me!” ~Sarah
  2. Bring your kids! “If you have little ones, PSF is AWESOME! The sitters are so friendly and attentive – my kids LOVE it! When you are dropping off and picking up it is easy to meet other moms and kids – you instantly have something in common! A great idea is to suggest meeting up afterwards at Starbucks, My kids are now in school and I miss the daily PSF-mom bonding time so take advantage!” ~Jenny
  3. Participate in the Facebook Group! “I am so glad PSF has the Facebook group! I feel like I know everyone so much better and it’s funny when I meet someone in class whom I have been “conversation” with inside the group. Everyone in the group is super into trying to eat well and stay motivated – it’s an instant bond! Once you recognize someone from the group, strike up a conversation before or after class – I have only had positive interactions!” ~Elizabeth
  4. Bring a friend! “If you have a friend with you, it’s easier for the two of you to link up with other PSFers! Recruit as many friends as you can to try PSF – their first class is free so it’s an easy sell. While you’re there, say ‘Hi!” to others in class – mentioning you have a newbie with you is an easy conversation starter! If you already have a PSF-partner, build up your group and double-team other friendly faces in class – you’ll feel more motivated to do your best around those you have gotten to know!” ~Lisa
  5. Go to Starbucks! “I have made lifelong friends from chatting at Starbucks after class. Especially the early and mid-morning crews, it’s easy to spot the other sweaty, tired faces and you all definitely have something in common! It’s a SUPER easy way to meet other PSFers!” ~Carrie
  6. Get on social media! “I love the PSF Instagram and am learning Snapchat just so I can check out what’s going on at the studio – it’s inspiring! You will start to recognize familiar faces and can use that as a conversation starter. When you see someone took the special mega cycle because you saw the photo on Facebook, ask them about it! They will be excited you saw it and now have the opportunity to share how hard it was!” ~Julie
  7. Participate in the PSF programming! “Join the triathlon team, take the special Memorial Day class, participate in the awesome challenges…just stay involved. It not only benefits your workout results but it instantly connects you to the PSF community…and it makes working out way more FUN!” ~Beth
  8. Meet your squad! “Get to know your boxing partner or the girls in your circuit group or even just who is sitting next to you in cycle. Just asking ‘what’s your name again?’ is an easy ice-breaker towards a new PSF friendship!” ~Laura

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