PSF Pro Tips: Studio Shoes

Ever wonder which shoes your PSF instructors love to wear for studio classes?  Check out some of our pro favorites…

Lacessa loves her Nike Free trainers 5.0! This is about her 5th pair. She loves the comfort and style but most importantly that she can move laterally without any problems!

Allison loves Asics because of the arch support. She’s used to this brand from years of volleyball!

Caroline works out in Brooks Transcend 3 (with Superfeet, of course)!  I used to swear by the Brooks Cascadia – great lateral stability – but a recent update was too narrow (I like a wide toe box).  The Transcends have the lateral support I need, good arch support with the Superfeet (I actually have flat feet!), and excellent cushioning.  Highly highly recommend!  I run exclusively in Mizunos, but I rely on Brooks for PSF!

Erica rocks the Brooks Pure Flow 5 for the awesome stability and cushion.  Her favorite shoe she’s worn teaching – they are durable, don’t slip, and make squat jumps feeling like she’s landing on clouds ! 

Kelli loves her New Balance trainers. She doesn’t know the model of the shoe but she choose these because she needed a light weight trainer that wasn’t a running shoe. Her running shoes are stiff and these allow for more lateral movement. 

Cycle shoes for fun! Kelli initially bought these for road cycling and was able to find a converter cleat to use with indoor bikes. They have a stiff carbon fiber sole and hug her foot nice and tight.  

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