Tri Team Tips: Running Shoes

If your current running shoes are down to the their last few days, now is the time to replace them so they are well broken in for race day! With about 5 weeks until the Naperville Sprint Triathlon, you might be looking for a way to help prevent injury as well as make your training ‘feel’ easier…new running shoes might be the answer!

To check if you’re running shoes replacement, go over these factors:

  • How many miles have you logged on them? The general range is 300-400 miles but if you are also taking PSF classes in them, the ‘mileage’ might be much higher than just what you “run.”
  • Has your shoe lost stability? If you hold your running shoes at both ends and twist the shoe, it should feel firm. An old shoe or one that doesn’t have proper support will twist easily and is a warning for replacement.
  • Do your treads look worn? Look at the bottom of your shoes, are the grooves worn down or even now non-existent? When you wear down the treads, and even into the soles of your shoes, it is definitely time to replace them.
  • Are you feeling any pain? If running is starting to bother your back, knees, etc. it could be your shoes! Loss of cushion, stability, etc. can lead to a whole host of issues.
  • Do new shoes feel way better? When you try on new running shoes so they instantly feel amazing? That’s a cue that it is time to make a switch!

You don’t necessarily need ‘triathlon-specific’ running shoes for a short, sprint triathlon, but there are some great options that definitely wouldn’t hurt! A running shoes that you can quickly get on and off is helpful as well as a shoe that won’t weigh you down if it gets wet will make your run lighter and quicker. If you are using your running shoes for the bike portion, you will want to find shoes that you feel secure riding in!

Image result for zoot triathlon shoes

Here are some great recommendations for triathlon running shoes:

The most important thing is finding running shoes that work for your feet and goals! We like the Runner’s World Shoe Finder for help in figuring out which might work the best. Heading to a local running store like Universal Sole (where you’ll get a discount!) is a great resource for solid, individualized recommendations!

The key is to act quick and get new shoes NOW if you need them. Lacing up brand-new kicks on race day is a huge no-no! Shoes have a variable break-in period and although a shoe can look good on paper (size, drop, width, etc.) you don’t know how your feet will react to them. Using your new shoes for training will make race day less stressful and you will enter the run portion of the race with familiarity and confidence!

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