Tri Team Tips: From our PSF Ironman!

Most of you know our awesome cycle instructor Kelli…but did you know she is an Ironman Triathlete?!? That’s right! She has completed the ultimate endurance challenge…2.4 mile open-water swim followed by a grueling 112 mile bike ‘ride’ and finishing up with a marathon (26.2 miles)…not to mention countless other races!

We asked our PSF triathlon expert for 5 of her favorite quick tips for all triathletes – especially newbies!  Oh and don’t forget to ask her questions when you see her at PSF – she is always willing to lend some reassurance!

  • Have Fun!!!
    • I’ll start with the key element of having fun because its the first thought you should have when you wake up on race day. You’ve spent weeks of having fun while training at PSF, the morning of the race you can soak in all the positive energy, and once you get into the water its time for the excitement!
  • Make a List
    • Find a list online or from one of the PSF blog posts. Then cross off everything you don’t need – Get down to the basics to Keep it Simple!
    • Practice Your Set-up – Do this at least a week before the race to make sure you have everything.
    • Put everything into your race day bag when you are done.
    • Double check your bag the night before the race.
  • Practice Your Nutrition
    • Its a short race but the last thing you want are tummy troubles.
    • Know what works for your morning meal. There is some time between leaving for the race and when you will start. Keep it light but know what you need.
    • If you plan to eat or drink on your bike, practice with the same. That means use your drink at class.
    • Practice riding your bike and pulling your bottle from the cage.
    • If you are taking a gel or blocks you shouldn’t need them until the run and it will be easier to eat.
  • Be Vocal on the Bike
    • The bike course can get a bit crowded.
    • Let other riders know you are passing by saying “ON YOUR LEFT”.
    • Look behind you before you pull out to pass.
    • Once you pass give the rider behind you space before you pull back over.
    • If you are slowing waiting to pass or going into a turn say “SLOWING”.
  • You only need the Paper Number for the run
    • No you can’t change your clothes after the swim and putting on anything tight when you are wet is impossible.
    • Either pin your paper Race Number to a shirt you can put on for the run or use a race belt.
    • Test out what you are going to wear for race day and use BodyGlide to prevent chaffing.
    • Don’t forget Sunscreen!

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 1.16.40 PM.png

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