Tri Team Tips: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous For The Triathlon

As I talk to clients about the tri, I’m hearing that a lot of people are really excited, but also really nervous. I get it; it’s something new, you never really swim (or bike, or run), and you’ve read a lot of information which can be a little overwhelming. Breathe in. Exhale deeply. You’ve got this. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should NOT be nervous!!

5. You can walk for a good portion of the swim. You can also float on your back, you can side stroke, you can straight up doggy paddle. I’ve done all the above. 

4. The transition set-up is not as hard as it seems. Heather has a super helpful and detailed blog post to reference regarding this, which I recommended you read. Then, just relax and think through it logically. What am I wearing next? I should probably have that on top. Will it be easier to slide my shoes on if they’re tied or untied? Ok cool, I’ll have them set out like that. Easy peasy. 

3. It’s not a full triathlon. If it were, I’d need someone to reassure me instead, but these distances are super manageable. So manageable, they’re actually enjoyable! You’ll be amazed at how fast the time goes by. 

2. You’re not alone!! You’ve got a whole team of PSF friends by your side. You power through it together at the studio and this is no different. 

1. You ARE physically prepared! So what you don’t swim?! I’ve seen those arms rocks some seriously long pushup sets. So what you don’t bike outside?! It’s easier than in the studio (lower resistance, no hills!) So what you don’t run?! You think all those squats, lunges, calf raises & bridges were just for fun??

You are a PSF badass and you can do anything. Now go have fun. 


❤️, Alex

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