Are You Juiced Up?

I love the colorful display of juice and smoothies at the store! The names of the products are so fun too – I mean who doesn’t love a good “Berry Blast” or “Green Machine”? Many juices and smoothies can be ultra-healthy, however some can be downright damaging to a healthy eating plan.

Make sure you are always investigating these two main factors:

Calorie Count: Check out the calories listed AND the servings. 120 calories for a healthy, vitamin-packed smoothie but if the bottle is 3 servings and you would consume it all, that might be a different story.

Ingredients: “High in protein” or “low sugar” sounds awesome…but what IS in the product. Things like high in sugar and sodium are easy to find but watch the labels for additives and preservatives or just anything you have zero clue as to what it could be.


One question to ask yourself is “Why are you grabbing this juice/smoothie?” Is it an on-the-go one-time meal replacement due to a hectic day? Are you just thirsty? Do you think it will instantaneously make you healthy? Not ALL juices/smoothies are healthy…weigh the pros and the cons and figure out if it truly compliments your diet. This also goes for juice bars, really expensive juice/smoothies, etc. – a lot of times we get brainwashed into thinking the name of a product must mean it’s super healthy for us – always do your researchand ask questions!

The BEST option is to make your own smoothie or juice! Crush some ice in a blender with your favorite fruits…add milk or yogurt if that’s part of your nutrition plan…even protein powder (just watch added sugar and calories). Having total control is ideal – although time-consuming – so if you need the convenience, always have a go-to solution!

If you’re looking for some guidance CLICK HERE to get you started and learn about some of the most popular bottled brands!

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