Cuckoo for Coconut Water?

Ok, I had coconut water once, and it was so gross! Granted it was in Mexico and I think right out of a coconut (I don’t remember 😉 but it was warm and disgusting. So I just never had the urge to give it another go, but some people swear by it’s sweet, nutty flavor…especially after a night of drinking. So what’s the scoop on coconut water?

Known for being way over-hyped, coconut water is relatively low in calories. One of these 32 oz containers contains 180 calories. Not a TON of calories but way more than plain water however coconut water is high in potassium!

Look for containers that are only coconut water without anything else added in unless you are looking for added sodium for endurance support.

CLICK HERE to read about the different brands of coconut water available and why some might be healthier than others

*SPOLIER ALERT* the one pictured below is NOT recommended!


Coconut water doesn’t contain enough sodium to make it an ideal hydration choice for most intense, prolonged exercise sessions however it is perfectly acceptable for general hydration…in fact, the low sodium is helpful to many people!

As for being a hangover remedy, the electrolytes and antioxidants in coconut water are touted as being helpful for that morning after headache, but there are many other ways to rehydrate after a night out – coconut water doesn’t necessarily have a magical formula!

Bottomline, coconut water is an excellent replacement for ANY sugary, high-calorie beverage but it really shouldn’t replace your plain water consumption.  If you like the taste, can afford it and read your labels, it can serve as good hydration.

I still don’t think I will ever drink it though 😉 I will stick to water and a banana.

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