Do you ‘Rosé All Day’?

You know they saying “Rosé all day” – well, is all that rosé doing damage to your diet?

Almost everything in moderation can fit into a healthy nutrition plan, but an informed rosé drinker is always ready to make a good choice…except after a few drinks 🙂

Overall, wine can be a better low calorie alcohol beverage because it doesn’t need added ingredients that can mess with the calorie count!  When you order a mixed drink such as a mojito, margarita, etc. you can get hundreds of extra calories just in the mixers. Wine is as it is and very controlled.

On average, different types of wines can have different calorie counts per ounce. Rosé wine has become increasingly more popular, especially in the warm weather months, and it turns out you could be saving a few calories by choosing it!

– 5 oz of rose =99 kcal
– 5 oz of red=125 kcal
– 5 oz of white=121kcal


Rosé wine is made from the black grapes like red wine however the skins are removed. It contains very few tannins and therefore has a naturally sweet taste, but you don’t get much of any antioxidants like you can from red wine. Rosé wine is much lighter than red wine, almost colorless, and that is due to the missing tannins. It can have a lower alcohol count than many red wine varieties so beware of over consumption but it’s a great option if you just simply enjoy the flavor!

Bottomline, if you’re going to have a glass of wine, make it one that you enjoy! There are definite drawbacks to alcohol consumption of any kind, but when it comes to wine, the pallet should do the choosing!


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