Move of the Day: Dual-Duty Push-Ups

Ohhhhhhhh yeaaaahhhhhh…..we LOVE push-ups at PSF! …and we have done just about every variation! This staggered version is one that is fun, fresh and effective – it’s going to tackle chest, triceps and shoulders all with one…well…PUSH!

  • Start on your toes with a straight body and relaxed neck.
  • Place your right hand in ‘normal’ push-up position – slightly outside of your shoulder angle.
  • Place your left hand narrow in a tricep push-up position – elbow pulled in towards your body.
  • Lower to the ground in this position (one wide and one narrow) keeping your body straight and nose aiming in front of your fingertips then press up and return to start without losing your posture.

*hard to totally tell in the video but my hands are one narrow and one wide 🙂

How many can you do on each side? 5? 10? 20? Remember you need to do the right side then switch your positioning and perform them on the left side. If your wrists get angry at you, do one side, come up for a cardio burst, then repeat on the other side.

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