Navigating the Fresh Food Counter

I frequent the Whole Foods fresh food counter – basically because I’m lazy. I love picking up pre-cooked chicken breasts and perfectly cooked salmon…I mean there is no way I could produce such amazing specimens!


One thing I have noticed at the counter is that the calorie readouts can be a bit deceiving depending on the product. Since everything is weighed and measured, you have all the control when selecting portions…but beware of the sizes you are ordering – almost 200 calories for 4 oz of something like a tuna salad might not be a realistic portion option and therefore that count might double (or even triple!).


The downside to convenience is of course cost….isn’t that always the case! So focus on your priorities and choose specific foods that are prepared to splurge on!


In addition to my favorite chicken and salmon, lunchmeat are a great option as well as some of the vegetables and simple salads! The ingredients are posted by each items so take a minute to read through avoid a lot of sugary and high-fat options.

Next time you are in Whole Foods, stop by the counter and try something out…or just browse and become familiar with the items they offer and their nutritional value. The friendly people who work at the counter are always super helpful.  You can then use your new nutritional knowledge to help you to be a better consumer and cook when it comes to choosing foods and recipes!

What re your favorite healthy items from the Whole Foods counter?

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