Not Ashamed of Needing Convenience!

I live across the street from the grocery store. I have made it from my door to the store’s door in 20 seconds (I have timed it).


Although I am close to the store, I also currently have a three year old who will not sit in a cart and screams about everything (this is just a phase right?!?).


Enter my favorite thing ever….Instacart. I feel like an idiot when I order my groceries and they deliver them – across the street from the store they literally just got them – so I usually have them leave them at the door (LOL). But I tell you…it can be a life-changer!

For those unfamiliar, Instacart is a delivery service where shoppers will, well, shop for you! They got to Target, Whole Foods, Jewel, Mariano’s, Costco, etc. You click through items, add them to your virtual cart and shoppers buy them for you. You might have even seen them at the store – although many times they totally blend in.

I use it on average once a week but have used it more when necessary! In addition to the embarrassing across-the-street grocery store, Instacart is crucial for Costco and bulk items – case of water, diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, paper towels, etc. – all brought to my door! I love using it for when we have parties and need large amounts of crackers, cheese, juice boxes, whatever I would prefer not to struggle with to my car (#thestruggleisreal).


To use Instacart you download the app and shop away. They don’t have everything due to inventory always changing but they have most items. You can request specific items or make requests and they notify you of changes (green grapes out? will you take red grapes?) and you can approve or decline the adjustments. Delivery is fast, usually 1-3 hours, and you can often get it for free (otherwise it’s like $5.99 – sometimes a little less or more depending on demand – way cheaper than the sanity I lose from a screaming child tantruming in front of the store). Prices are often the same as in stores but some stores they are higher, so you do need to be aware (‘hmmm this milk is $23 maybe they have jacked the price up?‘).  You are also then free from those impulse purchases that in the end will cost you more money and if they are unhealthy, could also derail your diet!

I find the service from the delivery to be great and the shoppers to be mostly all wonderful- although I did once get into an argument over rye bread via text chat with a shopper (and I stand by the fact that Jewel DOES have mini-rye party bread!)

If you want to try Instacart – use my referral link: CLICK HERE

…so I can continue not to terrorize every store in town with my screaming child!

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