Should You Try a Healthy Meal Delivery Service?

Recently I began to feel guilty (even more than usual) about not having a homemade dinner ready-to-go each night. So I decided to finally try HelloFresh – a healthy meal delivery service. They delivery a box of ingredients to your door, complete with recipe instructions and nutrition information. Each recipe takes no more than ~30 minutes to prepare and it isn’t complicated (believe me…I don’t do complicated).

First of all, if you are going to try HelloFresh (or a similar service like Blue Apron), definitely search for coupons online (if you haven’t already received one in the mail…every week or so for the past year!) I picked HelloFresh because I had a coupon – they are easy to find. You can also pass along the service and earn free meals and discounts if you are that motivated (I am not, however if you want to try it why not use my link…it will give you that discount without searching for it: CLICK HERE)

After you create an account at their website (or via their app) you can then choose what size ‘box’ you want. A box contains a number of meals for that week and can be adjusted for how many servings you need. You can also select your favorite delivery day. One of the cons of this (or any similar) service is not using the meal before it goes bad – I already wasted one meal because we ended up going out to dinner last minute – however it’s the same with anything you buy that will go bad. The good news is I was throwing out a smaller amount of everything versus large amounts if I had bought it in general at the store (tossing one rotten onion is easier than six).

My kids don’t always eat what we do, and many nights only one adult is eating it, so I went with the lowest option: 3 days of meals, each with 2 servings (which easily feeds one of us and two kids). I also found a delivery day earlier in the week is better of us versus later since we aren’t cooking on the weekend…less chance of wasting anything.

I find their recipes to be pretty good as far as selection. They have several to choose from each week and they change week-to-week. I wish they had more ‘kid friendly’ options, and we don’t act eat a lot of pork, but there are usually chicken, fish and steak choices each week. There is usually one option that is ‘premium’ (aka ‘you pay more’) but I’ve never selected that one.

The food comes neatly packed in a box that is temperature controlled. Everything is clearly labeled and the instructions are huge cards that you can’t lose. Each meal is separated into bags so it’s really easy to figure out what goes with which recipe! Having the exact amount of fresh ingredients per meal is a huge plus for me.


The nutrition information is readily available on their website or app but also comes in the box. While their meals contain fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients, in my opinion they aren’t exactly “low calorie” for what I personally would typically eat, however having them only 2-3 days a week is definitely appropriate!


So far I have found their recipes to be easy to make and encourages my kids to try new food combinations and ingredients (they also like to help make them). They aren’t always willing to eat them but I can usually get them to try! (which is why the 2 servings is enough) You will need to have the basics on hand (oil, salt, pepper, etc.) but everything else is included. Also plan to have bowls…lots of bowls!



In short, although my end result looks nothing like what is pictured, our family benefits from a healthy meal service…for now anyway!




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