Fall Schedule

The Fall Schedule has started and we are excited to bring you some new challenges! We are always looking to try new formats, time slots and instructors – please give these change-ups a try and let us know what you think!



  • 4:45pm Power Cycle Express: Welcome back Monday night Cycle! We now have an early evening cycle at 4:45pm, perfect for teachers, students and those able to squeeze in a workout before heading home, or off to pick up the kids from practice, etc.
  • 5:55pm Power Bands Blast: This super fun and creative class is one-of-a-kind! In 20 minute we will have you ‘bouncing around’, out of breath and feeling your muscles shake! You won’t find this class ANYWHERE else but at PSF!


  • 8:15am Extreme Sculpt: This class is now 45 minutes to offer more flexibility!
  • 9:05am BLAST: f you still prefer a longer workout, check out the 20 minute “blast” immediately following! This 20 minute class will always compliment Extreme Sculpt (i.e. if it is Core Blast then we won’t do a lot of Abs in Extreme)


  • TRX Pilates Challenge 5:55pm: You won’t want to miss this true CHALLENGE! This class is a client favorite! We have been using TRXs in our PSF Pilates class occasionally, but clients wanted more so we added it as a stand-alone class! This class is deceptively challenging – you absolutely MUST try it…it definitely isn’t easy!


  • 9:30am Bootcamp Rotation: Our 9:30am line-up is going to be awesome! If you want to get an amazing workout, you are going to want to be a regular! Every week is an incredible high-intensity challenge, but the format changes every week. TRX Bootcamp, Cycle TRX, Bike Bootcamp (cycle then sculpt int he studio), Boxing Bootcamp, Bike & Box…you won’t believe how much you can burn in 45 minutes!


  • 9:20am Circuit Sculpt: This killer workout is now 45 minutes. Shorter….YES…..Easier……ABSOLUTELY NOT! This class has always been non-stop, but now it will be even more challenging with less ‘rest’, tougher stations and increased efficiency! Plus now you can stay for Yoga-Foam Roller at 10:10am 🙂


  • 8:10am BOSU Conditioning: It’s no secret that BOSU Conditioning is ultra-challenging (in fact, one of the best workouts we offer!) We are making this 8:10am workout 45 minutes so it is perfect now for EVERYONE!
  • 9:00am BLAST: We are adding a 20 minute “blast” immediately following BOSU for those who want to keep the longer workout! The 9:00am BLAST will compliment both BOSU & Kickbox so no matter if you take it as a stand-alone, or combine it with another class, you will get a killer workout!
  • 11:00am Bootcamp Rotation: The 11:00am class just got even better! We will still have TRX Bootcamp, but we will also rotate in different formats to give you added challenge! If you like cycle (or just know maybe you should do a little cycle here and there), certain weeks will be Cycle TRX, Bike Bootcamp and Bike & Box. We will also toss in a Boxing Bootcamp here and there – these boxing formats chisel your arms like you would not believe!


  • 10:00am Cross Conditioning: You asked – we listened! Our new 10:00am Cross Conditioning class is stacked with cardio and strength that it is creative, challenging and will have you in and out in 30 minutes!

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