Choosing the perfect PSF Format

The Power Sculpt Fitness schedule is pretty amazing…where else can you find over 35 different class formats that are all just as challenging, in their own specialty, as the next?

With so much variety, your body stays constantly surprised and each workout can feel fresh and motivating…plus more variety equals faster results!

But with so much to offer, we know that the schedule can sometimes seem overwhelming if you are new to the studio.  We try to keep our class descriptions as accurate as possible but sometimes you just a simple breakdown to find exactly what you are looking for!

We created the following tools to help you pick and choose sessions to try based on length (20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes), type (cycle, studio or hybrid) and/or main area of emphasis (strength, cardio, combo or stretch).

At Power Sculpt Fitness we do not have designated beginner classes, however sessions that are shorter will typically be more manageable (although they will also challenge even the most advanced participant!)

The area of emphasis for each format was chosen based on what is mostly targeted, however, almost all Power Sculpt Fitness workouts will have it all! For example in Barre Express we will do several cardio bursts but the main focus is strength and in Cardio Express we obviously are emphasizing cardio but you might find yourself doing a few sets of strength.  Think of the emphasis more as how you will typically spend the majority of your time during that specific format.

As always, if you ever want a specific suggestion as to which format(s) will be best for you, contact us any time at

Now let’s get sculptin’!

TIP: At the very bottom of the embedding spreadhseet, click the tabs to organize our formats by length, emphasis and type of class!


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