Holiday Pass Tips

So you’ve got the PSF deal of the year…now what?

Your Holiday Pass is 43 days long and is an AWESOME chance to get some killer results!

The key is taking advantage of this opportunity.

  1. Try new formats: Always cycling? Check out an ab class or even cross conditioning to get in a different kind of cardio burn!
  2. Workout at a new time of day: Having a routine is great but surprising your body by working out at a different time of day can have a positive impact!
  3. Go for a few longer sessions each week: Our 20-30 minute classes are great, but do t forget to squeeze in some 45-60+ minute sessions each week.
  4. Don’t skip the weights: Cardio is king but weights are ‘da boss! Make sure to do strength training, ideally every day.
  5. Vary your instructors: It’s fun to always take the same teacher but then you’ll never know what you’re missing! Try a new instructor or someone you haven’t tried in a while.
  6. Squeeze in your workouts: Holidays are bussssssy! Take advantage of our 20-30 minute class options and on a typical non-workout day, you can get in a quick sweat session!
  7. Invite friends to join you: Family and friends in town for the holidays? Bring them to PSF! Invite coworkers and other friends to join you too – our community is ideal for people who love an efficient workout!
  8. Participate in studio events: Join in on our clean eating challenge, chime in on social media, etc. We love when our PSFers get involved!
  9. Go for 20+: Make it your goal to hit 20+ classes during the Holiday Pass! You’ll not only earn a discount on a January 30-Day Pass but you’ll also get amazing benefits from being consistent!
  10. Have FUN! Don’t look at working out as a chore…exercise is ‘work’ but it can also be enjoyable! Try new things, get into it and have a blast!

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