Pam’s Music Motivation

PSF Instructor Pam ALWAYS has killer music! Her bass-infused playlists keep the energy high and make the workout fly by.  Learn more about Pam and her obsession with movin’ it to the beat (and be envious of her super fun life!)

How does music motivate your classes/workouts?

Music for my classes is absolutely everything. As much as this may surprise you, we as instructors do not enjoy the copious amounts of burpees or squat jumps any more than you do! Although when I hear a bumping song come on, I feel that much more inspired to squat jump to the beat or hit that extra set of burpees with the drop (if anyone has taken my classes before I am sure you have noticed this :). My favorite part about PSF is the energy whether that’s the music, lights down low in the main studio, or the crazy strobe lights while cycling. Taking Heather’s cycling classes is the closest thing I have experienced to the Spanish clubs since living in Madrid years ago! (Fun fact: I studied abroad Kelsey who is my BFF from college and also works the front desk).


What are your TOP 5 workout songs of all time?

This is the hardest question I have ever been asked.

  1. Boneless by Steve Aoki
  2. Summer by Calvin Harris
  3. Pop lock and drop it by T-Pain
  4. Pony by Ginuwine (never gets old)
  5. Anything by Beyonce


Where do you find your music inspiration?

I definitely find my music inspo from two things: Vegas or Spotify. My girlfriends and I are obsessed with Vegas, so I love including songs that remind me of some of our wild adventures there. Spotify has changed my musical game as well! Every week it suggests new songs that have come out that are similar to the ones I have already listened to and even makes daily mixes based off the genres I like. My absolute FAVORITE is when I am out in the club and hear songs that are frequently used during some of our favorite PSF classes! This has no joke recently happened to me in Barcelona, Vegas, and Miami…Nashville, not as much (lol).


What’s one thing you’ve seen from a PSF client that totally impressed you?

I am without a doubt blown away by what superheroes all the PSF moms are. I see you all post about your kids and their countless, amazing activities on Facebook and Instagram, and I cannot help but admire the daily grind I see from each and every one of you! I don’t even have kids and sometimes find it hard to get my booty to a Saturday morning class. At PSF, we have moms who have bad ass jobs running corporations who never miss a 5:30 AM class or multiple classes at night. You PSF mamas inspire me every day and make me feel even guiltier for complaining about being tired. I love that every single PSFer embodies the cliché saying “work hard and play harder” more than any group of women I have ever met!

When you’re not teaching awesome classes at PSF, what are you up to?

I wear several different hats during the week like most of the PSF community. I am currently getting my Master’s at DePaul University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I work as a Graduate Assistant at DePaul and basically help out professors with anything and everything that they need. I also work at a country bar called Firewater Saloon on the northwest side on the weekends. I have seen some of your lovely PSF faces there, but if you are ever up north, please DO stop by!  If not any of that, you can find me whipping my hair and dancing the night away with my girlfriends, hanging out with my mom, or binge watching Netflix at home.

I clearly love to dance which stems back to my cheerleading days at DePaul. (Fun fact #2: Laura S. was my cheer coach!) This experience resulted in me getting the opportunity to work part-time for the Chicago Bears and Chicago Wolves after college as well. I am a DIE HARD T-Pain fan and have seen him in concert 8 times. My girlfriends and I have also taken shots with Lil John as he sang the song Shots.



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