Trina’s Post-Baby PSF Tips

If you know PSF Instructor Trina, then you know she is full of positivity and teaches amazing cycle and yoga classes! Trina recently had her second daughter and is a motivating force for so many – check out her experience:

How has life changed going from 1, to 2 young kids?

There is no break. There is no sleep when the baby sleeps since you are always needed, but boy does your heart expand! I’ll sleep again in 20 years ha!


How much did you workout while you were pregnant?

I kept to my 4 days a week, continuing to teach 3 days up until giving birth. Listening to your body is key and knowing when you can push harder and need to back it off. My time at PSF was a great outlet to keep me strong and have some much needed “me” time. It truly helped in my delivery and recovery! Highly recommend!

How did your pregnancy workouts help you after you had the baby?

It kept my body strong and helped speed recovery after giving birth with out a doubt! Those 6 weeks post birth are such a transition while your body heals and having a strong foundation truly helped quicken that process and made me excited to get back to it! PSF is such a part of my life for years now!


What is your current workout schedule?

Currently only two days a week, but hopefully once I get more sleep it goes back to my old schedule. My daughter is not the best sleeper making anything in the morning nearly impossible, but I’m hoping as she gets older and bigger that improves! Mama needs her sleep!


Advice for new moms and getting back to fitness?

Listen to your body! Sometimes what you really need is to just hold your little angel, take a nap, or escape to PSF for a much needed break. It definitely has been harder to come back after having a second child as the Mom demand increases but the supply remains the same 😊

Coming back to PSF after time off truly makes me appreciate how strong it makes me and what a community it is for me. I missed the intense sweat sessions and teaching my beloved PSF peeps! Going through the entire process also reminds me that everyone is at different levels but all PSF classes can be modified. We are all here to push and support each other!


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