Sculpted Bride Tips from Allison

PSF Instructor Allison got married this past Fall in an amazingly beautiful ceremony and crazy fun reception! PSF played a big part in her wedding prep; learn more about PSF’s Sculpted Bride!

When did you get married?

My husband and I wed this past Labor Day weekend, September 2, 2017, in downtown Milwaukee. Our ceremony was at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church and the reception at Turner Hall, which is a historic building that was once a German refugee community hall turned into an awesome concert venue!

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Tell us about your wedding!

In my opinion, our wedding went off without a hitch! We had full support from our families and friends, which made the journey a lot smoother. I’m apracticing Catholic so I wanted to the ceremony to be very traditional and sacred. Our family priest from Orlando flew up to Milwaukee to celebrate the Mass, and it was a beautiful experience. We hired a Lyric Opera singer to cantor the Mass who blew the congregation away with her flawless and dynamic voice! To make it EVEN more special, the priest who married my parents, their siblings, and has been in my family’s life for over 40 years also co-celebrated the Mass! He’s 95 years old and his mind is as sharp as a whistle. In between the ceremony and reception, we rented coach buses to take our guests on a tour of Milwaukee and/or to local establishments depending on their mood. The buses were full of beverages and music because why not!? Our main priority for the reception was to host a really fun party for our loved ones. We prioritized the music, food, and beverages since those 3 things done well, make a memorable time! Cocktail hour was full of food stations and acoustic music that started the celebration off on a great foot. The main dinner was surf and turf served in a family-style format so people are encouraged to talk to their table and portion their food. A buffet table of desserts and late-night snacks kept the party moving and grooving. We had a six piece band, The Walk-Ins, that brought down the house (hall) with their charisma and amazing sounds. The reception lasted past midnight and we couldn’t be happier with the celebration of our wedding.

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How did PSF play a role in getting you ready for your ‘big day’?

PSF played a HUGE role in preparing for the wedding. My husband, Donnie, and I were really motivated to look our “very best” for the biggest day of our lives thus far. My “very best” was not defined by my weight on the scale, but how much energy I had and how I felt in my wedding dress. PSF pushed me to tone for the wedding from extra sets of burpees to the PSF community members asking about the wedding and showing their support. Not only did PSF physically help me prepare for the big day, but after each class I felt just a little less stress about all of my “to-dos”. In my opinion, working out at PSF goes beyond just looking and feeling physically healthy and transcends to a true sense of community and that promotes ownership, support for others, and empowerment.

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What advice would you give brides-to-be in regards to getting ‘sculpted for the ceremony’?

One of the most important tips I could give to brides-to-be is simply listen to your body. Many brides are juggling a full-time job and planning the largest party of their lives, and stress can weigh on your body quickly. Listening to your body means valuing sleep. If you need extra sleep, plan your schedule to attend an evening class at PSF. Or if you can’t seem to stay asleep, hop into one of the am classes at PSF, and re-charge in the afternoon. My advice to brides-to-be is to not be hyper-focused on the scale. If you’re following a fairly strict but delicious dietary regimen and attend a variety of PSF classes, your body is more likely to see changes. The key to seeing changes is to stay motivated, start early, and listen to your body!

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How have you stayed motivated to keep up with your workouts as a newlywed?

Full transparency, it was tough to get back into a workout routine after our honeymoon. We explored, ate, and drank our way through Maui and do not regret one (multiple) Mai-Tais. Once we were back on the mainland, it took about a week to get back into the swing of things. Donnie and I stay motivated to work out because we understand the how important is it have good cardiovascular health and physical strength to our overall wellness.

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Fun Fact:

One extra thing from the wedding that many do not know is that Donnie and I performed multiple songs at the reception! He is a rock band and I grew up a classical singer, and we wanted to share our talents with our guests! We re-composed and recorded our first dance song, which is something we’re really proud of. At the reception, we performed a Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan song live that kicked off the party.

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