Early Morning Success with Laura S.

You know the drill…you sign up for that 5:30am class and at 5am your alarm goes off. You hesitate for a split second – and that moment right there is when you decide whether you are actually going to show up or not. Those who show religiously to the earliest of early classes amaze most of us but what they have done is make it part of their routine…part of their life. And now, most feel out-of-sorts if they miss that early morning wake-up workout!


The queen of the early morning classes is definitely Laura S.! Her no-nonsense, killer sweat sessions make that alarming wake-up totally worth it – she never disappoints.

Learn more about Laura’s early classes and how she manages to always show up and deliver (spoiler alert…if she can never miss a class, you can too!)


Which early morning classes do you teach?

5:30 a.m. for Circuit Sculpt (Monday), PSF Signature (Tuesday) and Cycle + Sculpt (Thursday)
Describe your typical morning on days when you teach early at PSF:
Up at 4:40 a.m. (no snooze for me), quietly roll out of bed (don’t want to disturb my husbo) and turn on WGN Mornings News (that crew is always entertaining). My clothes are set the night before so all I have to do is change, make some Throat Coat tea if I’m needing it, and drive to PSF (and sometimes picking up PSF instructor, Erica, on the way over).
Describe the early morning crew:
All business and super hard working. They are here at 5:30 a.m. to get a job done! You better believe if they are getting up before the majority of Chicago, they are not wasting their efforts. Love starting my days with this group.
What are some of your tips for staying consistent with showing up to those super early classes?
  1. When that alarm goes off, and you want to just ‘no show,’ think about how great it will feel to not internally debate about going OR the guilt of not showing up OR the fact you don’t have to think about your workout all day long. JUST DO IT and it’s done – in the rearview mirror for the day.
  2. Preparation is key (the night before set out your clothes/gym bag/car keys, etc.)
  3. Did I say this already… don’t hit snooze; you’re only making it harder on yourself!


What is your number one goal for your PSF classes?

A sense of accomplishment (“That was really f’ing hard and I hated Laura for most of the time but I did it and I didn’t quit on myself.”). By waking up super early and kicking butt at PSF, I am better for it.

Anything else we should know about how cool you are? 🙂

I love hiking – especially in mountainous areas. This summer, my husband and I will be tackling at least one 14’er (mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet) in Colorado. It’s in these moments I’m so grateful for my health, my abilities and my PSF training.


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