Get Started Racing with Kelli

Looking for a fitness goal? Consider signing up for a running race or triathlon! If it seems impossible, it’s not! …and luckily PSF workouts are an awesome way to cross-train, in fact the strength and power you build up from taking PSF classes, will 100% improve your speed and racing endurance.

Check out PSF instructor Kelli’s tips for starting your racing journey…

What is your racing background?

I started running when I was 9 and ran competitively until after my first year of college. After graduation I got into triathlons and completed Louisville Ironman in 2009. I’ve also ran 10 marathons including twice at Boston (2014, 2017).
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What is your favorite local race for newbies?
I love the theme runs such as the Mag Mile 5k, Pumpkins in the Park, Shamrock Shuffle, and the Santa Hustle. Although as a newbie sometimes finding a smaller race with less logistics makes that first time toeing the line less stressful.
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How can PSF workouts improve racing performance?
PSF’s cycling classes are awesome for your cross training days or as a substitute during a snow storm. I also love Barre and TRX for strength training.
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Do you have any shoe buying tips for running and/or studio classes?
Running shoes are made to propel you forward and typically have built in stability factors. When buying a pair of shoes go get fitted by a professional vs. buying online or a discount store. A professional running store such as Fleet Feet will ask you questions about your training, watch you run in the shoes, and if for some reason they don’t work out you can exchange them for a new pair. As for studio shoes you want to find something thats light and lets you move in all directions. And lets not forget the slip factor, they need some traction too so having a studio only pair you don’t wear around much will help. We all know how sweaty those classes get.
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What is your go-to pre-workout meal or snack?
If I have a long workout I’ll eat a banana and if its super long (like marathon training) I’ll eat a small bowl of plain oatmeal plus bring hydration and shot blocks for extra calories.
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Anything else we should know about how cool you are? 🙂
I’m currently getting my Masters in Product Design at Northwestern. Its extremely challenging but an amazing program.
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