You Should Do Yoga! by Alex

So you love the intensity and challenge that you get from PSF classes, but did you know that our yoga and Pilates classes are the perfect compliment to our cardio and strength workouts?

One of the best classes to start with is Yoga Fusion Sculpt on Sundays with PSF Instructor Alex because it gives you a hybrid of stretch and strength.

Alex explains why adding yoga to your workout routine is a great idea…

Tell us about your background with yoga:

I should start off by saying that it didn’t come naturally! I would take classes here and there, but I would often feel bored during class and leave wishing I had instead spent my time doing burpees and squat jumps (I can’t believe I just said that.) Then my mom became a yoga instructor, I started taking more classes with more teachers, and I learned I had the complete wrong idea about yoga. I grew to love it and continue to love the challenges it brings. I went through a 200 hour teacher training and got my certificate in the spring of 2017. I’m also certified in kids yoga and TRX for yoga.


Why is yoga an excellent compliment to the usual high-intensity PSF workouts?

Aside from just being a nice change of pace, our bodies really do need it. Feeling sore after an awesome PSF workout is a sign your muscles are growing stronger, but without adding stretching into your weekly routine, that could turn into them growing tighter as well, limiting your range of motion and ultimately preventing you from progressing toward your fitness goals. Yoga helps break that cycle, so your sore muscles stay long, limber and flexible as they strengthen.


What is your Yoga Fusion Sculpt class like?

It’s a 45 minute mix of yoga, stretching, and strength. It’s appropriate for anyone, regardless if you’re “good at yoga” or not; none of the yoga poses we do are crazy hard, and I offer modifications to cater to both the beginners and those who want more of a challenge. I always incorporate some “non-yoga” sets throughout the class, so you’ll see some extra pushups, dips, ab work and light dumbbell sets in addition to traditional yoga poses. This makes it a perfect addition to a previous class or can stand as a workout on its own.


Who could benefit from taking Yoga Fusion Sculpt & why?

Everyone!!! I would bet most of my regular clients don’t consider themselves “yogis,” but who doesn’t feel good after a nice yoga class?? Plus, I love that the class is on Sundays. It’s a well deserved treat after a long week of kicking a$$, and the perfect way to reset before the next week begins.

who could benefit

What are your TOP 3 yoga poses and/or stretches that every PSFer should be doing?

  1. Downward dog – This stretches the entire backside of your body: your back, hamstrings, calves, and achilles. Yes, please.
  2. Cobra or upward facing dog (or any backbend of your choice) – These open the front of your chest and shoulders, helping counteract the slouching we do all day long, and therefor improving posture.
  3. A yogi squat (Malasana) – Unlike a traditional PSF squat, your toes & knees angle out to the side and your butt lowers almost all the way to the ground, while your palms press into each other at your chest and your elbows press against your knees. Holding this for even 30 seconds a day will help keep your hip flexors open and hip joint mobile.

3 poses

Anything else we should know about how cool you are? 🙂

I have my own yoga business which allows me to work with youth sports teams who want to incorporate yoga into their training regimens.The Chicago Jets and CYA hockey clubs have been my favorite to work with so far 🙂
how cool i am (ha!)

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