Run Erica! Run!

What is the name of your running organization?

Chicago Run
What does it support?
Chicago Run’s Mission is to promote the Health and Wellness of Chicago Children through Innovative, Engaging, and Sustainable Youth Running Programs.
When did you get involved with it/How long have you been involved?
November 2016
2017 Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler & 5K
Why is it so important to you?
Chicago Run’s mission is very personal to me and my athletic lifestyle. Those who know me best know that I have never been a very competitive individual. I didn’t enjoy team sports in school and this left me a little but on the “outs” as all of my friends had teammates and practice after school. Never fear, this didn’t make me sad, it made me fall in love with the sport of running. Running builds something greater than what a team can offer. YOU, only you, can push your body through every single step and mile.
Chicago Run teaches our youth that you don’t need to be competitive or the all-star of the cross country team.. but you do need to be active and you do need to HAVE FUN. This empowers them to keep at it. The students look forward to the days when Chicago Run staff enters their school for 20 giggling minutes of T-Rex Squats and Shark Lunges. If I had that crew coming into my school when I was little I would have spent a lot less time worrying about how good or bad I was at a sport and more time having fun and moving around.
Tell us about upcoming events:
Thursday February 22: Next Generation Boards Winter Fundraiser… tickets are almost sold out but come join in on the fun!
Friday May 11: 10th Anniversary, ” Little Steps, Big Stars” Gala
image (3)
What else should we know?
Joining the Next Generation Board has been extremely fulfilling and has allowed me to be part of something greater. I HIGHLY recommend consistently volunteering with an organization that hits close to home or joining their board. I am beyond lucky to have two active parents and a marathon warrior as a mom and nothing makes me happier than being able to empower Chicago’s youth through running!

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