Top 5 Upper Body Sculpting Tips

You might have noticed an increase in upper body intensity at the studio this week, that’s because this week’s February Focus is, you guessed it, UPPER BODY!

When looking for more upper definition, to get the most out of your arm workouts you need to be consistent, intense and motivated!

Here are Top 5 Upper Body Training Tips:

  1. FORM COUNTS! Make sure you are listening to your instructor and using the mirror. Watch your teacher for visual examples of how an exercise can look and make sure not to zone out. When you it right, you don’t have to do as much to get that result!
  2. USE A VARIETY OF RESISTANCE! At PSF we use a lot of equipment, and we do so on purpose. The tubes, dumbbells and bars all offer different ways to work the same exercise. The more variety, the better!
  3. ADD IN CARDIO! You can work your arms for hours and still not see a result if you’re not getting your heart rate up. We need to burn off that top layer! Try doing a side raise with an added reverse lunge, a bicep curl adding a squat or an upright row with a plié squat. These combo moves give you the most bang for your buck!
  4. FLUCTUATE THE AMOUNT LIFTED! At most every PSF class your instructor will suggest the size of weights to grab. Feel free to go higher, lower or grab multiple options. Start off with heavier options until your form fails then drop to the light version. The added challenge, even for a partial set, will make a huge difference!
  5. REDUCE REST TIME! Your looking for sculpted arms that you can sport with a tank and feel sexy and strong, you don’t need to power lift and take a huge rest between sets. The amount of weight you’re lifting (3-18 lbs) doesn’t really warrant the need for structured rest intervals. Push yourself to the next exercise quicker…the results are in the hustle!

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