Find out why PSF Instructor Ashley is Strength Training’s Biggest Cheerleader!

Why is strength training such an important part of your workout routine?

It’s so important because it’s what strengthens you and there’s no better feeling than knowing I am building muscle and toning up with every rep I do!

Why do you love TRX?
I love that it’s all your own body weight (and still such an awesome workout)! It’s a great mix of cardio and strength training! There are endless workouts you can do on the TRX (even Google will confirm that) and for every muscle group!
What do you think the benefits of an early (5:30am) workout are?
You start your day with a good attitude and an extra pep in your step! I forget by afternoon that I’ve already worked out – then I have my entire night to meal prep, run errands, see friends or even knock out another workout!
What do you tell women in particular that are “scared” of any type of weight training?
Honestly, never be scared of weight training! With every rep, you’re toning and building muscle (and what is more awesome than that?)! I hear a lot of women say they “just don’t know where to start” – but that’s the beauty of classes! Grab a friend, check out a few classes, recognize basic moves and your form, start with lower weights and before you know it, you’ll be hitting higher reps (and eventually higher weight)!
How do you stay motivated to keep up your own fitness routine?
I like to mix things up! When it’s warm out, I get my cardio in outside running along the lake or even walking/Divvying rather than driving! I also think “shocking” your body with different classes is a huge plus! PSF offers such a great variety of classes that it makes it easy to change up your routine to keep it fresh and results-driven! I also remember how good I feel AFTER the workout – one of my favorite quotes is “you never regret a workout”.
Anything else we should know about how cool you are? 🙂
Where do I begin?! 🙂 jk… My background is dance — started in a studio at age 3 and continued professionally for the Chicago Rush for 7 years. I have been given some amazing opportunities from dancing at Disney World, Kiss FM’s Fantabuloso Concert, Country Thunder with Big Kenny from Big & Rich, and even having my picture hanging up in Harry Carey’s at Navy Pier. I was nominated to be a part of the AFL’s Dance Dream Team too! While dancing for the Rush, I also coached my high school dance team for 5 years. Clearly we see where the fitness interest comes from…
Lastly, I love fashion and shopping (I get that from my mom) – we share the love of shopping a killer sale and staying up with the latest trends! I mean they do say “shopping is cardio”, am I right?!


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