Snacking Tips from Sara!

The Snacking Details

I love snacks! And just like you, I get bored with the same ones. No one likes monotony! That’s why I’ve come up with 10 go-to snacks that are all right around 200 calories. Wait, Sara, did you just mention calories!? I know, I NEVER do that, but with snacks, I actually find calories somewhat helpful because it keeps portion size in check. On average, a 200 calorie snack is about right. If 200 calories isn’t for you, many of these snacks can be tweaked to give you half or 2/3 of those 200 calories too.

Snacking Demystified

What type of foods do you think of when you hear the word “snack?” For some people it’s a bag of chips and super-size cola, for others it’s hummus and baby carrots. While both are indeed examples of snacks, do you think perhaps one is better than the other. Better? How can I pit a food against a food? Well, while I do feel that an occasional handful of chips and an infrequent soda are fine, I also know that those foods don’t nourish us. That’s why, when it comes to the BEST snacks, you should always choose the ones that give you the power of good nutrition.

The Power Of A Good Snack

When it comes to snacks, I’m a believer! How in the world could I possibly make it from breakfast to lunch to dinner without 1 or 2? Unless you want to deal with one hangry lady, do NOT take my snacks away from me! But not everything makes a good snack, right? Chips, for example, are not a good snack. Loaded with empty calories and salt, nothing good can come from them. Nuts, though, YES, those make a great snack! Lots of nourishing calories there – just what I need to cure that hanger!

Practice Better Nourishing Snacking

To help you with this, I’ve created my snacks under 200 calories, but also the information below that gives you an idea of the foods that offer the most nourishment – making them excellent snacks!

The “Yes!” Snacks: The foods that are soooo nourishing, that yes, of course you should consider these a snack.


  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains and whole grain products (bread, cereal,crackers, etc)
  • Yogurt and kefir  (low in sugar)
  • Cheese (in proper portions)
  • Nuts and seeds (including butters)
  • Lean cuts of meat, fish and seafood
  • Beans and bean dips (yes, hummus!)
  • Low sugar granola bars

The Not So Much Snacks: These foods offer little, if any nutrition so consume them infrequently or enjoy as a treat and NOT a snack. 

Not So Much

  • Potato chips, cheese puffs, you get the idea
  • Cookies, pastries and other baked goods
  • High sugar cereals
  • High sugar yogurt and smoothies
  • Fried foods
  • Soda or flavored waters/drinks (with lots of sugar)
  • Fattier cuts of meat
  • Sugary or chocolate-dipped granola bars


SNACK 1 | AVOCADO PITA: Toast the pita first, then spread the smashed avocado on top. Squeeze a little lime juice over it along with a sprinkle of salt and cumin, if desired. Garnish with pumpkin seeds.

SNACK 2 | Cottage Cheese, Chia and Peaches: An old classic! You can’t beat a little protein and fruit combination. Feel free to substitute and fruit here for the peaches. And don’t forget that sprinkle of chia seeds!

SNACK 3 | HUMMUS AND CRACKERS: Any hummus type works well here, so feel free to choose your favorite flavor. And when you look for crackers, opt for whole grain versions, if you can.

SNACK 4 | TORTILLA, BEANS AND SALSA: Don’t like black beans? No problem! Any bean will do fine here! And personally, I love the sprouted whole grain tortillas that are available now! They offer unique flavor and texture!

SNACK 5 | Popcorn and Peanuts: Crunch! Crunch! A great post-workout or midday snack! You’ll get some good-for-you whole grains in the popcorn and some solid protein in those peanuts!

SNACK 6 | Kefir and Banana: Kefir is a cultured yogurt drink and super easy to digest after a hard workout. Go for the plain version and whirl it up in the blender with a banana for some natural sweetness and potassium!

SNACK 7 | APRICOTS & PISTACHIOS: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy ¼ cup dried apricots halves (9-10) with 3 tablespoons (30 Kernels) shelled pistachios.

SNACK 8 |VEGGIES & AVOCADO DIP: Cut up carrots, celery, cucumber or other veggies, aiming for about 1 cup (or more!). Mix ¼ cup low-fat plain Greek yogurt with 1/3 of an avocado. Season with some lime juice, salt and a pinch of cumin. Then dip your veggies in this goodness!

SNACK 9 | ZESTY ZOODLES AND WALNUTS: Fancy snack! This one sounds fancy, but is so easy. Just toss the zoodles with the dressing, walnuts and feta cheese. You can use any nut here in place of walnuts! And any salad dressing would be good, just keep to a 1 tablespoon serving.

SNACK 10 | WHOLE WHEAT ENGLISH MUFFIN WITH TURKEY: I like to toast the muffin first and then top with the hummus and turkey, then garnish with the lettuce. It’s a little snack sandwich that’s oh so satisfying!


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