Why PSF Signature Should ALWAYS be in your Workout Rotation!

Most people who take Power Sculpt classes have taken PSF Signature. It is basically the backbone of all of our formats – even cycling! When Power Sculpt first started as an outdoor ‘bootcamp’, this original workout is what we now call PSF Signature. The quick pace and high intensity that we pride ourselves in offering through every PSF format is derived from this original Power Sculpt workout.


This intense workout will effectively strengthen and define your entire body! Our instructors will non-stop sculpt your body with resistance training designed to completely reshape each muscle group, combined with interval ‘cardio bursts’ to give you maximal calorie burn. Core work and a quick stretch will end each workout leaving you feeling energized and accomplished!


PSF Signature is either 45 or 60 minutes based on which day and time you take. Monday 6:20pm, Tuesday 9:30am & Friday 8:15am are 60 minutes where as Sunday 8:30am, Tuesday 5:30am & Thursday 6:20am are 45 minutes. Every PSF Signature class will be a full-body workout, hitting every muscle group!


Everyone will have their own mat, a green tube, a yellow tube, a big playground ball and two sets of weights (almost everyone will use 2’s and 7’s). Certain classes might add in an extra piece of equipment but typically this is what we use! …oh and you’ll be shocked at how hard those 3’s work your shoulders and triceps!


No…everything we do during class will be included in the warm-up! There is somewhat of a ‘learning curve’ to the cardio movements we do at PSF, however we find that most people pick them up during our warm-up. PSF Signature really enforces the constant flow from strength to cardio and back again so you can better practice quick transitions and keeping up with our class design. The good thing about PSF Signature, it’s you, your mat and your equipment – no BOSU to worry about or moving around the room and no timer to add anxiety. You can pick up the workout at your own pace…we will always keep pushing you, but there are not many outside factors you have to worry about in this format. Lastly, most all of the standard strength, plyometric and other drill-based moves we use in other PSF formats come from PSF Signature, so once you take this format, you can easily transition to most others!


It is challenging and efficient! The amount of calorie-burning sculpting we pack into this format is impressive. Just when your muscles are exhausted from a strength set, we go right into a cardio burst. This keeps up the intensity the full duration of the class, yet the constant switching allows you to keep going. You get an awesome calorie burn during class and because of the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) we include, your body will continue to burn calories at a higher level after class has ended! All of our other formats allow for this effect but because PSF Signature is so individual, you can really amp up each interval, Lastly, our amazing instructors are doing this entire workout WITH you…and they will expect 100% effort. You will never feel like you didn’t get in an awesome sweat session – they won’t let that happen!

So whether you’re a newbie PSFer whom has yet to try PSF Signature, or a veteran sculptor and this format has somehow escaped your usual routine, make sure to always keep at least one PSF Signature class in your weekly rotation!  This is where it all started and you can never go wrong with an original!



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