Meal Prep Quick Tips

Getting food on the table doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor does it have to be an annoying task. Here are some ideas to help you feel like you kitchen is the only place you want to be!

Tip 1: Change your mindset – Right, I know, not really a meal prep tip exactly, but it’s seriously my first tip. If you go in thinking the whole process is boring and annoying, guess what!? It will be. Instead, turn up the music, put on your fibit and get rocking. I promise it will be a much better experience.

Tip 2: Find short-cuts – When you know you’re short on time, don’t torture yourself by buying the whole head of broccoli. Buy the pre-cut florets to save your sanity. Yes, this will cost you a little more, but my guess is it’s worth it. Other short cut items include, bagged lettuce, riced cauliflower, spiralized veggies, & pre-cut veggies. I also love rotisserie chicken for a quick protein and don’t forget to check out your grocery store’s prepared food section, they might already have cooked salmon and other goodies for you to just heat and eat.

Tip 3: Night time, prep time – Before you even think of sitting on the couch to watch your favorite tv show, think about what you can prep the night before so that tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch and dinner prep will be a breeze. For example, you could get the oats in your bowl or wash/cut the fruit for your smoothie bowl. If you’re packing a lunch, do it the night before and if your dinner recipe has a component that can be prepped early, such as a dressing or veggie, do that too!

Tip 4: Ask the butcher to do it – Most grocery stores have butchers and most of them will gladly help you when it comes to fabricating a meat cut for you. That means, if you need that beef sliced thinly, ask them to do it for you. This will save you time because I’m pretty sure these guys will be able to cut and slice at lightening speed, which is likely faster than you!

Tip 5: Use your freezer! – My freezer is seriously loaded. And I consider that a good thing. There is never a night where I’m left hanging in terms of dinner because I’ve always got something in there. Save slow-cooked meat, grains, and beans so that you can whip something together in no time!

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