Tips for Navigating the Mother’s Day Buffet

Tip 1: Don’t Go Hungry!

Before you even walk out the door, be sure to fill your belly with a little something nutritious. Think fruits and veggies! This will prevent you from ransacking that buffet – a move you will ultimately regret.

Tip 2: Just Have One..

Yes, just have ONE mimosa. Yes, it will be tempting to have more, but i promise you it’s not worth it. Instead, sip the one you ordered, enjoying every last drop.

Tip 3: Just Because It’s Unlimited Food…

Doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. Because you’re likely dropping an arm and a leg for it, you might feel obligated to keep eating until you wish you were wearing stretchy yoga pants instead of that curve-hugging dress. Resist that temptation. Keep to 1 or 2 visits, that’s it.

Tip 4: Load Up on the Fruits and Veggies

Chances are there are plenty of yummy fruit and veggie offerings. Fill your plate with those.

Tip 5: Eat Dessert

Heck yes you should eat dessert. What is life without it? Just be smart about it. Avoid the HUGE desserts or consider splitting them with someone else. Keep portions small and just enjoy, okay?

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