Post-Holiday Detox Tips

Did you over-do it at that fabulous MDW party? Perhaps you consumed too many adult beverages and more grilled meat than you have in the past 6 months? It’s so hard to turn down the food and drinks at the party, so now that you’ve indulged, what do you do? Well, you move forward!

Moving forward, means just that, looking to the future. What’s in the past, is in the past. Stop lamenting about that potato salad and pie you ate. Hopefully you enjoyed it. But worrying and fretting about it isn’t worth it. So yeah, just look ahead.

And moving forward also means making health-filled steps for the upcoming week. Here are some easy ways to do just that!

#1) Move! – That’s right, get yourself to PSF so that you can get yourself back on track. And don’t treat your workout as a way to “un-do” what you did this weekend. Instead, use it as a way to invigorate and motivate yourself to turn this week into an awesome week of movement.

#2) Work in some produce! – It’s likely that there wasn’t a ton of fruit or veggies at your holiday bash. (Bonus points if there was!) And that’s okay. Remember, we’re moving forward, so this is just a gentle reminder to work in more produce this week. They’ll supply plenty of energy, vitamins, nutrients and fiber to get you back to feeling like your “normal” self.

#3) Drink up! – You may have consumed a few margaritas or some lovely chilled rosé at said party as well. And if you stayed in town and were outside, you know it was HOT! So now is the time to replace and replete! Hunker down with that water bottle and re-hydrate with some good, old-fashioned water!

#4) Don’t quit eating! – Have you ever done this? Decided to just drastically limit your caloric intake after over-eating? My advice? Don’t! This plan almost always backfires and leads you to feeling worse about yourself rather than better. Instead, go with what you know is true in your heart. That all food fits, just watch portion sizes.

#5) Plan the future! – Since we’re moving forward here, why not do a little planning? Map out the next few week’s worth of workouts. And while you’re at it, work on that grocery list and meal planning (fill it with all of that produce!). This positive approach will motivate you and hopefully excite you for what’s to come next!

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