Think the inability to do high-impact moves like squat jumps, burpees, etc. means the end of your PSF ‘career’? Think again! We realize the need to keep evolving the PSF schedule based on our community. You may not even notice the tweaks we make each schedule, but if you look at where we started (all 60 minute sessions with only 24 classes a week) to being an innovator in efficiency with our super-popular 20-30 minute class options (and over 85 classes a week!) to adding in formats such as Power Bands, Boxing, Yoga Sculpt and more, you’ll see that we take great care when crafting our class schedule so that can appeal to different schedules and be as adaptable as possible.


Here are our TOP 10 tips to changing up your schedule to include some (or all!) low impact PSF sessions:

  1. What is your tolerance? Some people can literally not jump at all – that is WAY different than not wanting to or having to eliminate certain moves. So what CAN you do? Most classes can be modified for people who can’t jack and jump but we need to know how to accommodate you. Show up early, seek out your instructor, better yet drop us an email…we will recommend options for you based on your unique situation.
  2. You can modify! We are sure you see it during classes…clients modify all of the time! Do we still insist on 100% effort? Absolutely! Have they talked to us and know that when we insist on everyone doing a certain move and they don’t, they know we aren’t referring to them? Again, absolutely! For example, Signature, 3-2-1 and TRX Express are super easy to modify – if of course you let us know. We can give you simple substitutions so it isn’t boring and you still reap the cardio and strength benefits!
  3. Cycling classes are your BFF! Why? Because it is challenging, effective cardio without any impact. Don’t currently cycle? Start NOW! You are in need of cardio and our cycling classes are on par with other PSF classes intensity-wise. Change up your instructors, try the cycle & sculpt formats and try 45 minutes sessions as well as back-to-back classes!
  4. Kill it with some core! We have a TON of 20 minute Ab Blast classes throughout the week. Pop in to keep your core in check or add on to the end of another class. We recommend EVERYONE work their core daily, if you aren’t, then get to Ab Blast as many times each week that you can!
  5. Don’t be fooled by the title! Our Foam Roller-Yoga class is mostly stretching and can definitely help you with mobility and improving your overall health, but Yoga Fusion Sculpt and PSF Pilates are STRENGTH-BASED workouts that also provide stretching. PSF does sculpting RIGHT – plus get the bonus of added stretching with these formats. These non-impact classes are what you need to add into your routine.
  6. Combine! Like we mentioned, you still need cardio! Most of our cycle and 30 minutes classes have a strength class to follow – especially 20 minute BLAST sessions. We make it easy for you not to miss out on a full, well-rounded workout without wasting your time in a 60 minute “non-impact class” that insults your ability!
  7. Be a barre babe! Hey we get it – barre is HARD! …but there is little to no jumping, you don ‘t even wear shoes! The strength and control you can achieve through consistent barre workouts is amazing! This is an easy fit into almost any workout schedule!
  8. You can box! People LOVE our boxing classes because they are challenging, effective and go by FAST! Cardio Box and Box & Sculpt can both be modified to eliminate most impact and Bike & Box definitely can! Let your instructor know and be prepared for a major upper body and cardio challenge that you can handle!
  9. Be prepared to try new workouts! Maybe you used to be a Circuit Sculpt, Extreme Sculpt and Kickbox kind-of a workout queen. Times change and that’s OK! If you’ve tried modifying your favorite classes and it’s not working out for you, take some of these suggestions and ask us for help. You don’t need to do everything perfect – effort is always the key to success! The good news is the PSF community can be adapted for you!
  10. Don’t give up! The PSF community is authentically unique. We aren’t a big box gym or a budding franchise trying to make a buck. We sincerely care for YOU – our beloved PSF ROCKSTARS! We love providing FREE challenges, meal plans and fun events just to keep you motivated and loving your workouts (even though you say you hate them 🙂 Your body NEEDS challenging cardio, strength that keeps your results fresh and your body lean – and what better place to get it done at than the innovator of sculpting…PSF!

In addition to our tips and suggestions, check out some of our specific scheduling ideas for combining sessions and classes you may not have thought about adding into your schedule yet.  You may need to maneuver your usual routine around a bit (try hitting Whole Foods after drop off but before PSF!) but it will be well-worth keeping your PSF intensity versus wasting your time with a sub-par workout…trust us!


  • 5:45am Power Cycle plus 6:20am Ab Blast
  • 6:20am Ab Blast plus 6:45am Power Cycle
  • 8:15am Theme Ride plus 8:50am Rhythm Ride
  • 8:50am Rhythm Ride plus 9:20am Ab Blast
  • 10:25am PSF Pilates
  • 5:20pm Power Cycle plus 5:55pm Ab Blast
  • 7:25pm Foam Roller-Yoga Express


  • 7:10am Barre Express
  • 8:30am Cycle & Sculpt plus 9:05am Tuesday BLAST!
  • 6:15pm Power Cycle plus 6:50pm Ab Blast


  • 5:30am Theme Ride plus 6:05am Power Cycle
  • 6:05am Power Cycle plus 6:40am Power Cycle
  • 8:15am Power Cycle plus 8:50am Lower Body Blast
  • 9:50am Barre Express
  • 5:05pm Bike & Box (offered on a rotation)
  • 5:55pm Barre Express
  • 7:05pm Upper Body Blast


  • 8:15am Cycle & Sculpt plus 9:05am Thursday BLAST!
  • 9:30am Yoga Fusion Sculpt
  • 6:35pm PSF Pilates


  • 9:35am Rhythm Ride plus 10:10am Foam Roller-Yoga Express


  • Any combination of 7:35am, 8:10am and 8:45am Cycles
  • 8:10am Cycle & Sculpt plus 9:00am Barre Burn
  • 10:30am Ab Blast plus 10:55am Bike & Box (offered on a rotation)


  • 8:45am Cycle & Sculpt plus 9:25am Barre Express
  • Any combination of 8:45am, 9:25am and 10:00am Cycles
  • 10:35am Yoga Fusion Sculpt
  • 4:40pm Power Cycle plus 5:15pm Lower Body Blast


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