How to Stay a PSF-Rockstar When You Travel by Caroline

How to Stay a PSF-Rockstar When You Travel

(written somewhere off the coast of Italy)

When I’m not at PSF getting in killer workouts with my awesome PSF family, I’m usually somewhere in the world as a Resident Historian for Viking Cruises. (I feel kind of like a superhero, but I’m not sure which one is my secret identity yet 😉 )

And while working on a cruise ship is amazing, unfortunately, there are legendary downsides to too much time on board:

  • less room to move;
  • less time to do your own thing;
  • and too much delicious food!!! (The chefs here are so good!)

As we all know, getting and sticking with a routine is essential to keeping strong and continuing to enjoy the results of all of our hard work at the studio. We come back again and again to PSF because we know we get just the right combination of fitness challenges and workout options. And nothing is more frustrating than feeling like we’re falling behind when we head out of town.

I’m not going to lie; I fall out of my workout routine pretty quickly onboard.

I work hard to create new routines on the ship. And at this point, I am pretty confident that if I can’t stay in perfect PSF shape after a month at sea, I can at least keep up my momentum, my enthusiasm, and maybe even be prepared for that first class back (you know what I’m talking about!).

As I finally get ready head home to Chicago next week, and as everyone in Chicago gets ready to head off on Spring Break, I thought I’d share some of my tips for keeping up your healthy habits and your PSF Rockstar Self when you travel.

  1. Pack your workout clothes! Sounds simple, but if you forget them, well, no workout for you! And if you have them, you can’t ignore them sitting there in your suitcase or hotel room staring at you.
  2. Pack a yellow tube. This is my favorite PSF go-to travel hack. You can buy one on Amazon for about $10. It weighs nothing and instantly gives you the equipment you need.


  1. Make a playlist. It doesn’t have to be long. I have a 20-minute playlist I use for my “upper body blast” with my yellow tube, pushups, and maybe some 10-lb weights if where I stay has a gym. Look up songs online with 144 bpm (that’s beats per minute), and you’ll feel like you’re back in class.
  2. Use the treadmill wisely. You may be too self-conscious to do power-jacks in the resort gym (#confession I am way too self-conscious to do power-jacks in the ship gym!), so use the treadmill for bursts of cardio, instead. Run for 5 minutes to get your heart rate up, and then grab your yellow tube for 5 minutes of arms. Run for 5 and then do some lunges with YT side-raises. Run 5 minutes, and reward that high heart rate with an ab blast! 30 minutes later and you’re awesome!


  1. Eat (and drink) healthy. It’s vacation. Enjoy that margarita – you’ve earned it! And that fancy dinner? Personally, I don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m on holiday! But when you have choices, how about rewarding yourself with healthy luxury? One of the ways I handle the ship is to treat it like I have my own personal chef and nutritionist on board (my own personal Sara Haas 😉). Could I have fancy waffles every day for breakfast and a steak dinner every night? Sure. But I honestly love that I can be all European and have a hard-boiled egg with a little fresh smoked salmon and fruit in the morning. And don’t get me started about my nightly sushi habit! You can easily live it up and be healthy, too!


  1. Take a selfie. We want pictures! Take a selfie and share it with your PSF family! You know that nothing makes you feel prouder than that PSF-worthy photo on the beach, in the mountains, or wandering through a new city. (Do you travel with your PSF towel or tank top? I do!) And when you are getting in a workout, share that, too. Show us your best plank, or pushup, or what you use to make it all work.


What I love most about PSF is that we lift each other up, and motivate each other, and help each other get better, whether we’re surviving Tuesday morning Extreme Sculpt or on opposite sides of the world. #psftravel

See you soon!


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