Tour de PSF Information

When: July 8-28, 2019

Copy of Tour de PSF Leaderboard (1).png

Goal: Ride 100 miles…is it possible? Let’s just say last year we had people riding over 300 miles…so YES!

Reward: The coveted Tour de PSF yellow towel

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.09.42 AM

Who: Anyone who takes PSF cycles classes is automatically included!

Which Classes: Any that include cycling (this include Cycle TRX Challenge, Bike & Box, etc.)

Mileage Tracking: We track automatically off our PIQ leaderboard system and will post results periodically on social media.
*FYI: mileage is automatically rounded within our system

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.09.53 AM

Client Responsibility: Mileage is only tracked if your bike console is ON!

Disclaimer: There is a small chance the PIQ leaderboard system might not work due to connectivity. When this happens, your instructor will record bike mileage from the consoles themselves. In addition, certain bikes can become uncalibrated at times due to excessive use. We do our best to keep them similar but remember this challenge is meant to be FUN and to encourage you to consistently ride (get a great workout!)…keep the big picture in mind! Just like life, we cannot guarantee everything will be always perfect but we can guarantee amazing workouts!

Bike Requests: As always, you can reply to your class reminder email when you receive it the day before your next day’s class. If you are not signed up for tomorrow’s classes by 8am, we do not guarantee you will get a class reminder email. If you are not opted in to receive PSF emails, you will not get a class reminder email (to change this visit your client profile settings at You can always send a separate email to request a bike. We accept bike requests up until 8pm the night before a class. In addition, we do not guarantee certain bikes even when requested. The best strategy is to request several bikes or else we will try to book you in close proximity to your requested bike when already taken. We do not adjust mileage, give refunds or otherwise guarantee bike requests or assignments – we are here to give killer workouts and want you to be here for that too!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.09.31 AM

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