Bike Request Information

Thank you for registering for a cycle class at Power Sculpt Fitness!

We are excited to be offering complimentary cycling performance email results where you will receive a super-cool after-class email with your cycling data!


If you would like to select a specific bike for your class, please reply to the class reminder email that is sent to you the day before your scheduled class. If you do not receive a class reminder email for a workout you are scheduled for, check your email settings within your PSF account to make sure you are allowing emails from us. You can also email us directly at (be sure to indicate the date & time of the class you are registered for!)

We will only take requests the day before your scheduled class and only until 8:00pm.


Please note that we recommend requesting more than one bike, if your selection is taken, we will pick one for you.

If it does not matter to you which bike you ride tomorrow, there no need to do anything when you receive a bike request email – you will be automatically assigned one.

Please check your bike assignment upon arrival as listed on the cycling desk.

We are sorry but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to swap bikes out before your class and again we only take requests the day before your schedule class until 8pm.

If you haven’t yet filled out your personal stats, including your SCREEN NAME, for accurate cycling data, please CLICK HERE


If after class you do not receive a Performance Summary email, please feel free to let us know at

Lastly, we’d love to hear if you have any specific song request(s) for our cycle sessions! While we can’t promise if and when we can include your suggestion, we will definitely try our best. CLICK HERE to make a request.